How do you know?

Apr 7, 2011

Yet another case was successfully conciliated by NTFHC! In this case, the complainant, who we’ll call Darla, was not sure if she was being discriminated against based on her race. She filed a complaint and let us do what we do best, investigate and conciliate!

Darla was a single African American female who was interested in moving into a new apartment. She was told about the move in special and after her application was accepted and she paid a deposit, she was told that she needed to pay even more money due to income restrictions. She was not told about any income restrictions when she filled out the application and paid the $179 move in deposit.

In a nutshell, NTFHC recovered Darla’s deposit for her!

This leads to a bigger question: How do I know when I’m being discriminated against when I’m looking for housing? The answer is, you most likely will not know. When you are on the hunt for an apartment or home, like Darla was, you don’t know if you were told a different lease amount than the man who went before you or the woman that went after you.

For Darla, it was a feeling. Darla acted on this feeling by filing a complaint and letting NTFHC investigate whether or not discrimination was present.

In short, you don’t have to be told, “No Blacks Allowed” or “No Kids Allowed”, in order for housing discrimination to be present. If you have a funny feeling that something isn’t quite right, let NTFHC check it out!